Langkawi was the first stop on our trip and we picked to stay at the Tanjung Rhu Resort for three main reasons.

  1. Location
  2. Complimentary round trip airport transfers
  3. The price

When researching Langkawi, we have always found it to be one of the more expensive destinations in Asia with the number of luxury resorts in the area and if I am honest, it is for that reason it has taken so long to visit but we found a great deal through which offered 3 nights bed and breakfast with complimentary airport transfers for just over £300.

When we arrived at Langkawi airport, we were collected by a young man who greeted us and directed us to the car with a cold towel and bottled water. It took a mere 25mins to get to our private resort located next to the Four Seasons along Tanjung Rhu Beach.

We arrived around 11am in the morning and unfortunately they were quite strict on the 3pm check in time but we were allowed to use the facilities whilst we waited so we had some lunch and sat by the pool.

The resort overall is small and intimate but it seems to be under some serious renovation. All the rooms encircle a lagoon in the middle with most rooms facing inwards but some facing outwards at the rest of the resort or the most luxurious facing out to the sea. During our stay one half of the accommodation buildings were boarded up and were clearly being redone so it felt very empty whilst we were there but it was nice and quiet and relaxing. The boardings were not obvious and it wasn’t until our second day that I actually realised it so it did not effect the aesthetics of the hotel.

As you can see on the left, the windows are covered.

There are two pools at the resort. A family pool and an adult only pool. Both swimming areas have pool bars where you can order food and drinks. Both also have plenty of seating.

The family pool is closest to the beach and a lot of the seating can be used for both the pool and the beach area.

The family pool with the pool bar in the background.
The family pool with seating facing the beach.

The adult only is the other side of the resort next to the restaurants. It is a nicer pool but further away from the beach.

The adult only pool.

There are two restaurants at Tanjung. Sands is an all day restaurant offering a mix of Western and Asian food. We ate there pretty much throughout our stay and it had a good selection for three days but I would have struggled if we had stayed any longer. With the exception of the Pizza which is pretty much the same as a supermarket deep (deep) dish pizza which was difficult to eat, the food was really delicious and we didn’t feel that it was overly priced. The Chef’s Table is a more sophisticated restaurant that had quite a strict dress code so didn’t actually get to eat there unfortunately but it has full beach views and looked very romantic.

There is also the option to eat by the pool, have in room dining or if you’re feeling particularly romantic, you could have a BBQ on the beach.

Chef’s Table
View from Sands restaurant.

The highlight of this resort is the beach. It is incredibly beautiful. There is nothing more to say so I’ll let the pictures do the rest…

Our three night stay was perfect and we really enjoyed it. The staff were friendly and we always felt valued. When we arrived at the resort, we were asked to pay a 900MYR deposit which seemed a lot however, through out the stay we charged all our expenses to the room and then the final bill was taken from the deposit and the remainder returned. It was quite a nice way of doing things and we actually got about half of it back even after having three meals a day with alcohol in the evenings.

If you are looking for a quiet, relaxing stay as a couple or even as a family then this place is for you. It is a great place to recharge, go for a walk and just relax by a beautiful beach. There is some interesting wildlife to be found around the grounds but I will leave it here with some pictures of our time here.

SP x


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