Tjörn, Sweden

This summer we finally got out of Gävle to explore some of Sweden and we decided to explore two different areas of the west coast. The West of Sweden is famous for its rugged coastline and its picturesque marinas so it is no shock that we were drawn there for our first road trip.


Our first stop was a little place called Björnholmen on the island of Tjörn. It was just short of a 7 hour drive from Gävle which we broke up with a one night layover in Örebro at the Lannalodge Golf Resort.

Now Tjörn is one of the small islands of the west coast of Sweden about an hour north of Gothenburg. To get there is easy simply crossing a bridge from the mainland and you are on your way.

We had booked 3 nights at the Björholmen Marina Hotel located at the very north of the island. We were given a double room with a balcony over looking the marina which was a great place to sit with a cup of coffee and relax.


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