Count down until we go… 4 months!!

4 months!! 4 months until we go to Japan and there is still so much to do!!

My notice has been handed in and we are in our 8th week of Japanese lessons.

However, apart from all the issues natural to moving to the other side of the world, it has yet to impinge on my ever growing excitement. I am about to embark on an adventure to far east Asia where I will be able to delve into the ancient culture the Japanese people have been able to maintain for centuries. A culture that has fascinated me since I was a little girl. Granted, the language is a little different, not only to speak but to read, listen to and in general… understand. Then add to that the numerous ways you can offend someone by blowing your nose in public, eating whilst walking (no there are no Greggs sausage rolls to munch on whilst you shop) and using the correct level of respect when introducing yourself. I have to say that I am a little apprehensive about how I am going to adapt to the vast differences in culture without upsetting anyone.

One of the ways I am working on overcoming my fear is planning (in GREAT detail) all the places I want to explore when I am not working. My next blog will be from Japan!!
Until then…

SP x


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